Si Manong (like a virgin) sis. Chastity’s diary

One stormy Sunday morning, we were all hurrying to get back to our cottages and dorms as the rain began to pour in buckets and the winds are blowing hard. The children and the other sisters were already gone and I was all that was left in the chapel as I was in charge with most of the church tasks that sunday. As tried to make it back to my cottage I slipped and my umbrella got blown away, the rains made it hard to see and I got lost in the vegetable patch where the mud made it harder to walk until I fell again and got mud all over my uniform, then I saw the shack in the distance and took off my flip flops (uh chinelas?) and made a run for the shack and being cold wet and muddy I decided to stay there until the storm blew over. As I sat on the papag, I felt very uncomy being very wet and muddy I decided to take my skirt and headress off and hang them. I took off my skirt and as I was about to pull my headress off I noticed movement in the corner of my eye and when I turned I gasped when I saw manong the groundskeeper looking at me with his ugly mouth opened his bloodshot eyes bulging. Instinctively I pulled my shirt down as my legs are exposed, we were silent as we look at each other for minutes. His frame reminded me of the figure in the shadows I saw the other night, during my first week in st thereze, my fucking peeping tom who waited for me to get totally naked but I never did and I just teased him by turning off some of the lights and I just went down to my cotton shirt and undies, the next morning I found jizz on the leaves near my window. “Could he be that horny little devil that night?”

I thought. “A-ay k-kayo uh yu uh p-pala uh si-sister, a-anong g-ginawa wat yu gawa gawa uh ginagawa nyo deto?” He said stuttering and stammering and was trembling slightly as he held the earthen stove or kalan with burning coals and a kettle on it, “ikaw pala manong, uh kasi naglakas yung rain and I uh nagdapa ako sa mud uhm pwede muna ako stay dito?” I said smiling sweetly “ah ganun ba? ah oo naman sister puyding puydi basta kayo hahah” he said and he stared hard on my legs “Manong is there anything wrong?” I said “huh?! Uh wala kita ko puro putik pati nga ma nga hita nyo” I just smiled sweetly and he went on the papag and puts down the earthen stove “l-lagay ko etong kalan sa tabi nyo sister para mainitan kayo heheh” he said smiling showing his ugly yellowish teeth, he had his back facing me as he squats down, he had no shirt on just a pair of very old and tattered shorts, he was very short, gangly and bony with dark wrinkly skin and despite the balding head he was almost hairy as a monkey. His frame and face reminded me of gollum (duh? Lord of the rings?) except for hairy gangly arms legs and torso and unkempt spiky beard, you could say he can be gollums asian or pinoy cousin teehee! He had a pack of local marlboro lights tucked at the rim of the back of his tattered shorts, and he is unaware that some of his dark wrinkly bum and crease were showing as he squats.