Si Manong (like a virgin) sis. Chastity’s diary

“Diin mo titi mo sa kiki ko manong” I whispered lovingly as I continue to slide his cockhead hard between my pussy lips, he swallowed hard “ha?! ungghhh” he said shaking “gusto mo nagkakantot ako diba? diin mo titi mo sa kiki ko kunyari nagkakantot mo ko” “ikikiskis ko titi ko sa p-puki mo? Juskupu s-sige” He said chokingly trembling with excitement. He pressed himself on me, holding my bums and pulling me towards him, his hips began rocking slowly but rubbing himself very hard. I moaned as I feel his hard cocking throbbing grinding hard on my pussy, his wet spongy groin hairs on my crotch. “Unghh juskupu ang sarap, unghh di ba masama na ginagawa natin?” he said breathing heavily “nihinihilot lang nang titi mo ang kiki ko manong” I said smiling sweetly “ah-g-ganun ba, unggh ang sarap nang puki mo unghh ang lambot tangina! Ang init basang basa!” “ang sarap din nang titi mo manong ohhh ang sobra sarap sa k-kiki ko, ang tigas tigas, sobra niya tigas ohh gawwd!” I said groaning and moaning “m-masarap ba? unghh masarap ba titi ko?” he raspilly said as he squeezed and kneaded my bums hard, pulling me and pressing our bodies together even harder. I grip hard on his scrawny shoulders as an added sensation of his hairy belly rubbing hard against mine “ang sarap manong ohh, diin mo pa titi mo ohh, ang sobra sarap nang kantot mo” He gently laid me on the pillows, and continue to rub himself as he hover above me. “Ang ganda mo talaga hindi ako magsasawa sayo tangina!” he said raspilly as he stared wickedly at me and then my breasts boobies as they heave and shake with his every thrust. He slides his hands to my boobies and fondled them going hard than ever squeezing pulling and kneading them, my hands caressed him, slowly going back and forth from his hands and scrawny hairy arms. He went down on me and started kissing licking and sucking my neck and ears and cheeks as I feel his rough beard on my skin. “m-manong!”


I exclaimed pantingly, feigning resistance, and he held down my arms and stared at me fiercely and then his horrid mouth landed over my face. “Uhmm ang sarap mong halikan and sarap nang mapupula mong labi, ang lambot ang sarap halikan!” he raspilly said as he hungrilly sucks and lick my lips. I am still feigning resistance and I’m whimpering with tears flowing, but because of the intense erotic passion. He lets go of my arms ang again fondled my breasts, going hard with the kneading, squeezing and the pulling and the twisting of the nipples I groaned at both the pain and the seething pleasure. “Ang ganda talaga nang ma nga suso mo nakakapangigil talaga!” he said raspilly, his bloodshot eyes glaring with evil desire “m-masakit ba? uh puydi ba ssusuhin ki-kita” he said raspilly “m-manong I said feigning resistance again to tease him more. I watched helplessly as he gorged on my boobies, sinking his ugly yellow teeth, his horrid mouth sucking very hard with his tongue flickering on the nipples, I grip on his shoulders, overwhelmed with the extremely exquisite pleasure. “Uhmm kanina ko pa gustung gawin to uhmm ang sarap nang ma nga susu mo tangina uhmm ang sarap saraapp!!.” He went on sucking and licking my boobies hard as he fondles them, drowning them in his warm drool, while his hips continue to rock back and forth, grinding his ugly hard cock on my sopping wet and swollen pussy, going faster and harder, I feel like a nymph being ravished by a satyr. My body writhed, twisted and arched while my hands caress his balding head, pushing his face harder on my boobies. I am moaning and groaning very loudly and if not for the rain and leaves to dampen my voice I might have been heard from afar. My hands slide down to his dark wrinkly arse, squeezing them and pushing them hard, “a-ang s-sarap manong, sobra sarap nang nagkakantot mo ko” I pantingly said as I feel his wrinkly, hairy and sweaty body pressing and rubbing very hard against mine. His cock felt so fucking hard and slimy as it rubbed hard on my cunt making loud squishing sucking sounds with my pussy. His hands slide back to my bums squeezing and kneading them hard as he went harder and faster I watched his cock as rubbed hard between my swollen pussy lips “oh gawdd fuck me harder, manong ang sarap nang kantot mo!” I pantingly said between loud groaning and moaning .