Si Manong (like a virgin) sis. Chastity’s diary

“ah ahahah ganun ba? Sige di naman gaanong maliwanag atsaka nasa lib lib at masukal naman ang lugar nato di ka naman siguro makikita nang ma nga tao dun sa malayo! Nakow eh putang ina madami pa naman ma nga luku at manyak sa dyan tabi tabi pagpipistahan ka!” I just laughed as I ran out in the rain like a foolish little girl, giggling and playing in the rain as my underclothes quickly became drenched and clinged to my body like a second skin and manong swallowed hard and held on his crotch as he sits on the papag “ang sarap manong, lika ligo tayo sa ulan!” I shouted at him laughing and giggling “ha ah eh sige lang iha pa-ppanoorin nalang kita” I teased him more by sensually running my hands all over my body, I was barely 6 feet from the shack but I was almost knee deep in the water, I bend over as I wash my legs in a slow and very sensual manner “putang ina! ang ganda ng puwit! Bilog na bilog ang puti at ang kinis, at juskopo aninag na aninag ang matambok at mamula mulang puki!” he exclaimed in a raspy voice, I looked back and smiled sweetly at him and saw he was gaping and drooling and had a hand inside his shorts, it took awhile before he hurriedly pull out his hand from his shorts and wiped his mouth. I must have spent nearly 15 minutes bathing sexily in the rain before I turned around and waded back to the shack. It was rather a funny coincidence that centerfold by j geils band was being played on the radio as I slowly approached manong smiling with my arms folded over my breasts. He saw I was shivering a bit he hurriedly went over to a pile of clean laundry and handed me with a fresh towel, I just smiled at him and shrugged and he understood that I’m letting him towel me off. He was fucking trembling and panting as he gently pat and dry me, and I can smell the strong odor of man cum mixed with a very musty, cheesy, groin smell, it was fucking nasty odor but again I find myself so uncanningly drawned, so fucking overwhelmed, invigorated, so aroused and excited, it was such a very sexy odor. I let him towel me all over, I feigned naivity as he went very boldly as to gently fondle and squeeze my privates, particularly my boobs and crotch and I just feigned naivity, acting like an innocent and foolishly trusting little girl, raising my arms as the horny old devil takes advantage and being molested got me so hot and wet, my legs were so tight together, and I bit my lip to keep from moaning at his every fondling of my love parts.

I was thinking like anytime he would rip my clothes and rape me, pinning my arms down while he sucks and licks me all over while he fucks me hard again and again with his ugly hard cock. I had my arms over my breasts again as he wrapped me with another fresh warm towel and moved the earthen stove close to my side. “buti nalang nakuha ko na ang mga tuyung senampay bago pa umulan ng malakas” He said between chuckles as he hung the wet towel, he then poured me another hot cup of tea. He lights another cigarette and offers me some. “Manong share nalang tayo with just one” I said feeling sexy steamy inside “h-ha!? Si-si-siguradu ka?!” he stutteringly said. “Oo naman manong share nalang tayo pwede ba?” I said smiling “ah oo oo si sige, pero sensha na kung medyo malaway ako magsigarilyo heheh” and we took turns taking puffs of his cigarette and indeed he was such a fucking wet smoker, it was really revulting and yet I’m finding it so sexy and he is obviously enjoying it more than as I do. “Buti ka pa kahit nagyoyosi ang ganda at ang pula pula padin ng mga labi mo ako eto parang talakitok na nga nangingitim na parang namamagang naglalampungang linta hahahah!” “anong parang uh what’s a takalititok manong?” I said with a frowning smile “ah isda yun pishda ah ano pala pishh sa ingles, isda na malaki at pangit ang bibig parang ako” “ah ganun ba si manong talaga!” I said between giggles “di ba mukha na akong unggoy na nakakalbo na may balbas tapos malaki pa ang mga bibig?” he said between chuckles. “Eh kasi naman manong di naman ako malakas mag smoke” I said as I let out a smoke.